In creating Volo apparel, one of my main concerns as a creator was how to make it environmentally an ethical company. Our goal is to check as many of the "ethical environmental" boxes and some that even the big companies aren't doing. The idea is to focus on things that have a real impact on the environment and the future. 


Qasim Anwar                                                                                              Founder 

Volo Sustainability Rules

  No plastic packaging.

Our products are packed in recycled paper, to avoid the packaging that ultimately gets thrown away and finds itself in our water ways. 

 Solar Powered Manufacturing 

Our manufacturing facility in Lahore, Pakistan is partially solar powered, with plans of going fully solar in 2020. This helps us significantly limit our carbon footprint. 

 Handcrafted in small batches 

Our products are highly specialized and hand tailored by a small group of craftsman in Lahore.  This helps us build close relations with the workers and create ethically built products.