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About Us

Posted by Qasim Anwar on

Who we are? 

verb /'volo/ 
(azione del volare) 
to take flight 

My name is Qasim, I am a Pakistani American rock climber based out of San Diego, California. I created VOLO to build highly functional and sustainable athletic apparel brand. I personally traveled to Pakistan last year to hand pick every single aspect of our design and ethically manufacture our products from a family owned solar powered facility. Since being Pakistani and American, I used my language skills to develop close relationships with the people manufacturing our products. Our focus was to create an ethical athleisure brand with a focus on style and function. 

Our manufacturer is a family owned factory that is is partially solar powered, we know our manufacturers on a first name basis. We create our products in small batches, with individual artisans. We even hand mix the paints that we use on our logos! Volo works with small businesses in Pakistan to source our fabrics and hardware. Your contribution to our brand directly helps the communities that we engage with during the building of our product.

Qasim Anwar, Founder | Volo Apparel